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Water Renewal Department Group PictureDirectory of Services

  • Billing or Service Inquiry for Sewer Service: Call 804-477-8336
  • Billing or Service Inquiry for Water: Call Virginia American Water Company: 800-452-6863
  • Sewer Blockage or Backup:
    • During Week Days (8 am to 5 pm): Call Hopewell Water Renewal - 804-541-2210
  • After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays: Call Police Dispatch - 804-541-2275
  • Claims
    • Hopewell Risk Manager: 804-541-2203
    • City Attorney: 804-541-2247
  • Sewer Customer Service: Call 804-477-8336
  • Bill Pay

Wastewater Fees

The City of Hopewell conducts periodic studies to assess the cost of providing waste treatment and infrastructure repair. The latest study was completed in 2013. It is available in its entirety by emailing the HRWTF Director, Jeanie Grandstaff, or by calling 804-541-2210.


  • Sewer Rates based on Water Meter Consumption
  • Sewer Connection Fees by Size and Type
  • Waste Hauler Rates
  • Sewer Payment Collection Procedures

Sewer Backup and Blockages

Sewer Backup & Stoppage Policy

City personnel will check for and clear any debris creating sewer blockages that are located in a main sewer line owned by the City.

City personnel will check any service lateral for blockages provided:

  • The property owner locates and provides access to a clean-out plug located on the outside of the building.
  • If a clean-out plug does not exist at the property line and the main line is open, it is the property owner's responsibility to expose the lateral and make an opening so the blockage can be removed.
  • If the building has an existing sewer clean-out in the back, side, or front yard, city crews will remove blockages once every two years providing the property owner signs a "hold harmless" agreement form relieving the city from liability for any damage caused by city personnel and equipment working to clear the blockage.

Lateral cleaning is limited to once every two years. Individuals requesting line cleaning services within the two-year period are required to contact a plumber to clear the stoppage.


The backup of sanitary sewage in or onto private property can have serious implications concerning health and property damage. To efficiently deal with the trauma associated with sanitary sewer backups, with the possibility of associated property damage, whether or not the City is determined to be pecuniary liable, the City will assist the homeowner in the assessment of responsibility and liability via the claims process.


  • The first responding employee, which is usually Water Renewal sewer maintenance technician or his supervisor, will, in all cases, give a copy of the Citizen Instruction Form and the Sewer Spill Information ad Release Form, and the Citizen Insurance and Claim Form Information Sheet, to the affected citizen. The first responding employee is to retain a signed copy of the Sewer Spill Information and Release Form. Note: The Sewer Spill Information and Release Form must be signed in the space which allows entry to the property and/or the City's help before City representatives will continue.
  • The technician and the responding supervisor will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and record their findings on the Sewage Backup Report.
  • The responding supervisor evaluates the potential health threat, determines whether or not to take a sample of the flooding, and determines whether or not the citizen(s) should be advised to temporarily evacuate to alternative housing. Other City personnel (Health, Code Official, etc.) may respond if requested by the responding supervisor and be reached through Police Dispatch after normal working hours.
  • If the spill is more than can be handled by the citizen or is not confined to one small part of the dwelling, the supervisor will offer to call Service Master of Chester at 804-748-0716 or Clean Care at 804-748-5550 to make arrangements to have the affected areas of the dwelling cleaned and sanitized.
  • As soon as practical the responding supervisor who oversees sewer maintenance will retrieve the Sewer Backup Report and brief the Director using this initial data. A narrative of the incident including such information as the history of the sewer incidents in the area, and the last time the area was cleaned will be developed and sent to the City's Risk Manager.
  • Any corrective action that the city may undertake will be confidentially determined later by coordination with the Risk Manager, the City Attorney, and the City Engineer. All inquiries about the incident will be referred to the Risk Manager.

Citizen Instruction Form

Read and sign the Sewer Spill Information and Release Form to allow entry to your property or help from the City.

If you wish to file a claim, fill out the Personal Injury/Property Damage Claim Form and return it to either Hopewell Water Renewal or to the City's Risk Manager.

Contact your insurance company and inform them as to what has taken place and if the claim is covered under your policy.

Refer all claim questions to the City's Risk Manager at 804-541-2203.

Complete the Citizen Insurance and Claim form Information Sheet

Other Resources Available

  • The Housing Environmental Health Specialist can be called to make health safety determinations: 804-541-2226
  • The Building Official can be called to help determine the extent of the damage to the dwelling, furniture etc. 804-541-2226


  • Citizen Instruction Form
  • Sewer Spill Information and Release Form
  • Citizen Insurance and Claim Form Information Sheet
  • Personal Injury/Property Damage Claim Form