Customer Service Philosophy

We are all public service professionals committed to providing a culture of excellence in customer service by addressing needs with a caring attitude on a consistent basis.

Our Promise

We will treat everyone just as we wish to be treated by providing:

  • A warm and friendly greeting
  • Our full attention and a sense of importance
  • Competence, thorough handling, and follow-up
  • A sincere “thank you”

Customer Service Standards

The City of Hopewell recognizes that customer service is an ever-changing process that is a critical part of the success of any organization, especially local government. In order to promote a culture of excellence in customer service, the following customer service standards have been implemented as part of our daily communication with our external customers (citizens and the public) as well as our internal customers (employees, City administration, and City officials).

As public service employees, we will:

  • Remember that all City employees are “Directors of First Impressions,” so we strive to make that first impression with you, our customer, a positive one!
  • Take ownership of your problem or concern.
  • Be prepared to accommodate both internal and external walk-in customers.
  • Assume an appropriate and approachable demeanor.
  • Use your name, if known.
  • Answer phone calls within three rings and identify our department and our name.

Public service employees are expected to:

  1. Be able to answer questions about agency services
  2. Provide the name and phone number of someone who can answer the question
  3. Find the answer to the question posed.

Public service employees ensure our voice mail greetings shall:

  • Alert the caller to the expected day/time of our return call
  • Provide the caller with an alternative way to reach the employee or another employee who can assist if the matter is urgent
  • Direct phone calls to another employee/department and introduce you and your need before hanging up after the connection
  • Ask permission to put you, the caller, on hold. We will periodically check back and apologize to you if you should have to wait
  • Respond to internal and external calls, e-mails, and requests for services or products by the next business day
  • Always follow up with you. If we tell you we will do something, we will be certain to do it

Standards of Excellence

As employees of the City of Hopewell, we continually work to uphold the trust and confidence placed in us by the citizens of Hopewell and our co-workers. We recognize our responsibility to serve the best interests of all the people and provide the best service possible at all levels of our organization.

We are proud of our role as City representatives and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service. In recognition of our responsibility, we accept and support this philosophy.

The employees of the City of Hopewell decide themselves individually and collectively to demonstrate that “Teamwork” is not just a motto, but a standard of quality.


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Serve and uphold the ideals and values of our organization and of the public service profession
  • Are committed to providing outstanding service to all those with whom we have contact
  • Will treat everyone with respect and dignity and provide impartial service


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Will maintain a productive work environment that encourages teamwork through communication, cooperation, and pursuing common goals
  • Will support individual and collective efforts to achieve the City’s goals for serving the community and in attaining professional standards of excellence


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Accept responsibility and are accountable for our performance and the results of our actions
  • Will listen with concern, and respond promptly, courteously, and effectively to all requests
  • Will demonstrate pride in our organization, our City, and ourselves in our day-to-day activities
  • Will treat individuals in an open-minded manner that demonstrates respect for their worth and ideas, and recognize their achievements and abilities


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Will maintain professionalism, courtesy, and integrity in all of our endeavors
  • Will promote harmony, understanding, mutual respect, trust, courtesy, and cooperation as the ideal for productive working relationships


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Will improve our skills, knowledge, and the quality of our performance through continuing education and training
  • Recognize and accept that inevitable change and innovation within the organization will encourage growth


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Will demonstrate our pride in our City, public service, and ourselves through our performance and conduct on and off job
  • Are aware that public and personal safety are the result of mutual awareness and concern
  • Will contribute ideas and information toward the accomplishment of collective efforts and goals, and be receptive to the ideas and information of others


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Are committed to our organization and to our co-workers, and respect management and employees alike
  • Will maintain individual integrity, and be continually aware of the trust placed in us by the public
  • Are committed to the recognition of excellence in public service at all levels of the City


The staff of the City of Hopewell:

  • Are knowledgeable about our City, its history, organization, and services we provide
  • Will share our technology and innovations with others in our field, and seek to enhance our abilities through mutual cooperation
  • Will always direct citizens and visitors to the proper person for assistance and information
  • Will translate knowledge into desirable action