Special Event Permits

Application Overview

The City of Hopewell is home to a wide variety of community events. The City's historic downtown, parks, and other public spaces provide the perfect setting for festivals, concerts, and other special gatherings. Event organizers requesting the use of public space are required to complete a Special Event Application.

The application process is managed by the Communications and Government Relations office and applications are reviewed by a panel of representatives from various City departments. Approved applications will be issued a special event permit along with additional information for coordinating City services. Please review the helpful information on this page to learn more about the requirements for public events in Hopewell.

Applications must be received 30 days prior to the event date

Helpful Information for Event Planners

Using Public Space

A Special Event Permit is required for any event being held on public property or any event held on private property that could impact the public right of way. The Special Event Application process ensures that event planners have taken all necessary steps for offering a safe and appropriate event for the general public. Rental fees may be applied for certain public facilities likes parks, picnic pavilions, and/or athletic facilities. Don't forget to map it out! All applications are required to include a set-up diagram showing how the public space will be used.  

City Services

Some special events may require assistance from the City of Hopewell in terms of public safety, road closures, facility usage, equipment, and coordination efforts. Some of these services require fees and event planners should take this into account during the event budgeting process. Please inquire about additional fees your event may require. 

All Police Department requests must be completed here.


Most special events will require an event insurance policy that includes the City of Hopewell as an additional insured certificate holder. Single-day event policies are available from many insurance vendors and will be required for events that include features like physical competitions, amusement rides, alcohol sales, food sales, and other activities with associated risks. To learn more about insurance requirements, please email our Event Team before submitting your application.   

Permits & Licenses

Some special events may require additional licenses and permits. Event planners should be prepared to work with agencies like the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Virginia Department of Health, and the Hopewell Commissioner of Revenue. Special Event Permits will only be issued upon successful attainment of all applicable permits and licenses. 

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For questions, please email our Event Team.