City Manager's Note

I would like to express my deepest appreciation and thank the members of City Council for providing me with the opportunity to serve as the City of Hopewell as the City Manager.

I am a Georgia native; however, I have lived in Virginia over 13 years. I have worked for the City of Hopewell for the past 6 years as the Director of Information Technology. My educational background includes a PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences and I have more than 20 of years of experience working for state government and as a federal government contractor in various leadership roles. My leadership style and management approach to change is independent, analytical and pragmatic.

As City Manager, my first priority will be to focus on completing the backlog of financial audits and re-establish basic processes and improve financial controls. The City has already made strides towards securing a Project Management Office and Accounting Remediation firm to provide hands-on-support to the city. While there is more work to be done, the City is aware of long-standing issues and each and every employee is working diligently to assist in the turn-around.

I would like to thank my leadership team that continues to work hand-in-hand with individuals across our local and state governments. I am honored and humbled to serve the citizens and businesses of Hopewell and will strive to ensure that we positively shape the future of our great city. Together, we will work to build a better tomorrow for the City of Hopewell.