Pending Zoning Cases

The Planning & Development Department maintains information on pending zoning cases for public review.

Pending Applications

The following applications are currently under review and will include opportunity for public hearings and comments:

    Hopecrest Townes Rezoning – Under Staff Review

What is the Process?

Rezonings, Conditional Use Permit, Zoning Ordinance Amendments, & Development Standards Modifications applications generally follow the following process:

CC Process map

Special Exceptions, Special Use, Variance, & Zoning Appeals applications generally follow the following process:

Variance map

How Do I Participate?

Planning & Development staff is available to answer questions about pending zoning applications. Some applicants also offer community meetings in an attempt to resolve issues before the public hearings. If you plan to oppose some aspect or all of a proposal, you should make the planner aware of your concerns as early as possible.

Rezoning, conditional use permit, ordinance amendment, and development standards modification applications include at least two public hearings: one with the Planning Commission and one with City Council. Board of Zoning Appeals applications include one public hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Citizens are encouraged to attend the public hearings and share your comments. Written comments are also accepted in advance of the meeting.

How Can I Learn More?

View the Zoning Ordinance.

Email the Planning & Development Department or call 804-541-2220.