Zoning & Permitting FAQs

Use the dropdown menu below to find out information about frequently asked zoning questions. All permit applications can be found at: www.hopewellva.gov/permit.

Sheds, outbuildings, and accessory structures over 256 square feet require a building permit. The following zoning requirements apply whether or not a building permit is required:

  • Must be located in a rear yard.
  • Must be located 5 feet from any building.
  • Must be located on the same property as an existing primary structure.
  • Shall not project higher than the height of the main structure or eighteen (18) feet from grade, whichever is the lesser, in any residential district; except metal carports shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet in height from grade.
  • Total square footage shall not exceed a combined total square footage of fifty (50) percent of the minimum yard area (as determined by multiplying the width of the rear yard times the required depth of the rear yard); provided that for property in the R3 district, each building site is allowed to have accessory structures totaling up to six hundred (600) square feet;
  • Total square footage on any building lot of one (1) acre or less in size (including those building sites in the R-3 district) shall not exceed seventy-five (75) percent of the total square footage of the main structure. On building lots over one (1) acre in size, there is no limitation on the amount of square footage allowed for detached accessory structures in relation to the total square footage of the main structure.
  • If a garage is entered from an alley, it shall not be closer than five (5) feet to the alley line in any district.
  • Accessory structures on non-residential lots must be located five (5) feet from any adjoining residential lot line.
  • On all lots adjacent to, and lots located in a cul-de-sac area, accessory building or structures shall not be located in any rear or side yard area which would be continuous to the required front yard setback area of the adjoining lot.

The following items are required for submission:

  1. Building permit application
  2. Construction drawings
  3. Plot plan showing the proposed distances from the building to all property lines, the house, and other structures on the property. For more information .
  4. Required fee