Charitable Giving 

The Hopewell Recreation and Parks Foundation was created to support the mission of the Hopewell Recreation and Parks Department in making Hopewell a happier and healthier place to live, work, and play. The Foundation is managed by a board of directors who reside in Hopewell or have a significant stake in the success of the city. The Foundation is a registered 501-c-3 charitable organization and all gifts are tax deductible. Although the Hopewell Recreation and Parks Department is funded as part of the city's local government structure, that funding is never enough to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of the Hopewell community.  The Hopewell Recreation and Parks Foundation fills funding gaps as needed, assisting with projects like playground builds, youth sports programs, and health and wellness initiatives. If you would like to help the Foundation continue to pursue these much needed programs, please consider making a small donation today!  

World Series Support

In 2019, Hopewell's Major's All-Star baseball team qualified to compete in the Dixie World Series held in Lumberton, North Carolina. The team competed for over a week at the tournament and became the first team from Hopewell to win a youth baseball World Series. The travel expenses related to the tournament were significant. The Hopewell Recreation and Parks Foundation contributed $4,500 towards lodging and meals for the team, making this dream possible for all the players and families.  

200 Buren Street

The Hopewell Recreation and Parks Foundation was instrumental in the acquisition of 200 Buren Street, located just south of the Hopewell Community Center. The property had been a nuisance to the community for many years, and presented several public safety concerns to neighboring residents. Through lengthy negotiations, the property was deeded to the Hopewell Recreation and Parks Foundation for $1. The property was then transferred to the City of Hopewell to be managed by Hopewell Recreation and Parks. The existing building was quickly demolished to mitigate the public safety risk. The property will be used for future expansion of the Hopewell Community Center.  

Hopewell Community Center

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