Hopewell Recreation and Parks manages over 200 acres of parks, playgrounds, and athletic facilities.  These locations offer exceptional opportunities to connect with nature, even though Hopewell is considered an urban environment.  Take a stroll on the Hopewell Riverwalk, play on the all-new Woodlawn Playground, compete at the Atwater Soccer Complex, or wet a line at the Hopewell City Marina. Hopewell parks have a little something for everyone!  Visit a park today to experience your next adventure!  



The Hopewell Riverwalk is one of the city's newest recreational assets.  This 1,700-foot boardwalk is a one-of-a-kind facility on the Appomattox River that offers stunning views of the city's waterfront and historic City Point. Plan your visit today!

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City Park

205 Appomattox Street

  • Nature-inspired playground

  • Riverfront beach area

  • Fishing pier

  • Wildflower garden

  • Interpretive signs

  • Open space

  • Seasonal portable restroom

  • Off-street parking

Woodlawn Park

3509 Boston Street

  • Inclusive playground with wheelchair access

  • Swings

  • Outdoor fitness equipment

  • Paved walking trail

  • Medium picnic pavilion (24 persons)

  • Charcoal grill

  • Street parking only

  • Seasonal portable restroom

Woodlawn Playground 3.jpg

Arlington Park

2700 Courthouse Road

  • Play equipment (inclusive)

  • Medium picnic pavilion (24 persons)

  • Outdoor fitness equipment

  • Basketball courts

  • Paved walking trail

  • Historical information signage

Crystal Lake Park

3502 River Road

  • Large picnic pavilion

  • Medium picnic pavilion 

  • Play equipment

  • Paved walking trail

  • Small fishing pond with pier

  • Off-street parking

  • Permanent restrooms

Heritage Gardens

900 East Broadway Avenue

  • Large ceremony pavilion

  • Learning garden

  • Off-street parking

Atwater Soccer Complex

200 Atwater Road

  • Medium picnic pavilion

  • Full-size soccer field

  • Three youth soccer fields

  • Concession building

  • Permanent restrooms

  • Off-street parking

Mathis Park

3502 River Road

  • Baseball field (280 feet)

  • Youth baseball field (210 feet)

  • Two youth softball fields (180 feet)

  • Play equipment

  • Concession building

  • Permanent restrooms

  • Off-street parking

Specialty Recreation Sites

Hopewell Skate Park

107 South 3rd Avenue

  • Mini half pipe

  • Quarter pipe

  • Grind box with handrail

  • Flat rail

  • Kicker ramp

Neighborhood Playgrounds

Atwater Park.jpg

Atwater Park 

101 Atwater Road

City Point Playground

315 Allen Avenue

King's Court Playground

1900 Waverly Street

Westwood Park

501 Jefferson Avenue

Woodlawn Park

3509 Boston Street

3 1/2 Street Playground

400 North 3 1/2 Avenue

General Park Rules

  • Parks are closed from dusk to dawn

  • Lighted athletic fields close at 10:30 PM

  • The following activities are prohibited on all park properties:

    • Hunting/trapping

    • Relic hunting/metal detecting

    • Golfing

    • Consumption of alcoholic beverages

    • Camping

  • Motorized vehicles should only be operated in parking areas and roadways

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times

  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up all pet waste

  • Please dispose of all refuse appropriately

  • Natural items and materials may not be removed from any park property

  • Use of tobacco products is prohibited around all playgrounds and athletic fields

Hopewell Community Center

100 W. City Point Road

Hopewell, VA 23860


T: (804) 541-2353

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