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Marina Concept Plan

Updated: Mar 23

The Hopewell City Marina is a busy public river access point that serves thousands of visitors each year. The site's top amenities include the four-lane boat ramp, accessible kayak launch, and public fishing area. The current boat slips at the Hopewell City Marina have degraded significantly due to age, creating a variety of structural issues. Based on the estimated cost to replace the boat slips, the City is exploring options to repurpose the waterfront. The Marina Concept Plan outlines a new approach that would create a community space open for public use, would support a variety of special events, and would help protect the City's natural resources. The concept plan also includes improvements to the boat ramp, kayak launch, public fishing area, upper playground, and overlook pavilion. The project would utilize outside funding sources, meaning no local tax dollars would be necessary.

To learn more about the marina concept plan, please click here.

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