HEJ Construction 1.jpg
Piazza's Path (Harry E. James ES)

HRP has partnered with the John Randolph Foundation and Hopewell City Public Schools to create the city's second Piazza's Path.  The paved walking and running path at Harry E. James Elementary School will provide a platform for structured physical activity, running clubs, and other physical education curriculum. The project was designed by HRP and will be built by staff of the park maintenance division with assistance from Hopewell Public Works.     

Riverwalk Cypress Planting 1.jpg
Bald Cypress Tree Installation

HRP partnered with Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) and Virginia American Water to install six bald cypress trees along the shoreline of the Appomattox River at the Hopewell Riverwalk.  The trees will reduce erosion and filter runoff while providing much needed habitat for river animals.  The $1,200 project was funded by VAW in a grant to FOLAR. The trees were installed by Hopewell Recreation and Parks maintenance staff.   

King's Court Completed.jpg
King's Court Playground Renovation

HRP partnered with the National Recreation and Park Association and Disney on a $30,000 grant to renovate the King's Court Playground.  An additional $50,000 in funding was appropriated by Hopewell City Council.  The improved play space features all new playground equipment, paved walking trail, nature trail, new pavilion, and interpretive signage.  The project was completed in January of 2020.  

Piazza Path 2.jpg
Piazza Path (Dupont ES)

HRP partered with Hopewell City Public Schools, the John Randolph Foundation, Hopewell Public Works, and the Piazza family to build a paved walking and running path at Dupont Elementary School.  The path was constructed in honor of Cynthia Piazza, a wellness integrator with Richmond Fit-4-Kids that worked closely with hundreds of students in Hopewell.  Cynthia lost her battle with brain cancer on October 31, 2018.  

Woodlawn Playground Opening Day.JPG
Woodlawn Park Renovation

HRP partnered with PlayCORE, Cunningham Recreation, and the Virginia Department of Health to completely renovate Woodlawn Park.  The improved park space features a wheelchair accessible playground, paved walking trail, new picnic pavilion, and outdoor fitness equipment.  The $180,000 project was completed in May of 2019.  

Proposed Projects

Westwood Concept.JPG
Westwood Park Renovation

HRP has requested $180,000 in capital improvement funding to fully renovate Westwood Park, based on the age of the playground equipment and condition of various park amenities. The project would include a complete playground renovation and the addition of a paved walking path and new picnic pavilion.  The project was introduced in 2018 but was not funded in fiscal years 2019 and 2020.     

Atwater Concept.JPG
Atwater Park Renovation

HRP has requested capital improvement funding to fully renovate Atwater Park.  The project would include construction of a new accessible playground, picnic pavilion, restroom building, nature trail, dog park, and additional site improvements to parking and walkways. If possible, the project will address issues with turf and drainage at the Atwater Soccer Complex. The project was introduced in 2019 and remains unfunded in the fiscal year 2020 budget.