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Hopewell Riverwalk

205 Appomattox Street

The Hopewell Riverwalk is a 1,736-foot out-and-back boardwalk that follows the shoreline of the Appomattox River. The Riverwalk is accessible from City Park, where off street parking and portable restrooms are available. The Riverwalk is fully accessible for persons with disabilities. Please note that fishing is only allowed from the fishing pier. Bicycles, motorized vehicles, and swimming are prohibited along the walkway. Please do not feed wild animals and pack out all refuse. The Hopewell Riverwalk is open from dusk until dawn seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

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Riverside Park Greenway

500 N. 12th Avenue or 1501 Riverside Avenue

The Riverside Park Stormwater Greenway is a small trail system at Riverside Park that was established as part of a major stream restoration project. The 1,100-foot greenway trail connects to the adjoining 1,600-foot creekside trail which can be combined to form a loop. Please note that the trail surface is a combination of gravel and natural material with moderate slopes and wet conditions. The trail can be accessed from the Riverside Park basketball courts or by crossing the street from the Hopewell City Marina kayak launch parking area. 

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Cattail Creek Nature Trail 

1900 Waverly Street

The Cattail Creek Nature Trail is located at the King's Court Playground.  This 900-foot trail traverses a wooded area in the back of the park that overlooks a wetland floodplain of Cattail Creek. Visitors often see deer, turkey, fox, and a variety of birds while walking on this trail. Please note that the nature trail features a mulch surface and several steep grades. The connecting pathway through the playground is paved and fully accessible. 

Cabin Creek Nature Trail.JPG

Cabin Creek Nature Trail

3502 River Road

The Cabin Creek Nature Trail is a paved walking path at Crystal Lake Park that traverses a wooded area and pavilion area of the park. The loop trail is 850 feet in length and connects to Mathis Park for additional walking opportunities. Permanent restrooms and off-street parking are available at Crystal Lake. The path is fully accessible for persons with disabilities.

Woodlawn Walking Path.JPG

Woodlawn Park Walking Path

3509 Boston Street

The Woodlawn Park walking path is paved path that borders the park site. The path is within close proximity to the park's playground and is a favorite among families. Please note that there is limited shade along this walking path.  The path and playground are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. One lap on the outer trail measures 1,200 feet. 

Arlington Park Walking Path.jpg

Arlington Park Walking Path

2700 Courthouse Road

The Arlington Park walking path is a paved walking loop that surrounds the park playground. The park also features basketball courts and a pavilion. One lap on the path is equivalent to 825 feet.  Please note that this walking path offers limited natural shade during the day. The path is fully accessible for persons with disabilities. 

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To report a maintenance concern on a trail or walking path, please call the Hopewell Community Center at (804) 541-2353 or email recandparks@hopewellva.gov